Seed Physiology of Cultivated Plants

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Knowledge of seed physiology is fundamental for all professionals acting in quality control in relation to seed germination and vigor because these tests are based on seed physiological performance.

Autor(es): Julio Marcos Filho
ISBN: 978-85-64895-05-8

Knowing the activity of seed components during the processes of formation, maturation, dormancy, imbibition, germination, and deterioration allows better understanding of the development of the seedling derived from the seed and the physiological deficiencies that characterize abnormalities in germination tests in the laboratory and of emergence in sand or directly in field soil. It is important to know the types of water and the water content present in the seed and how they affect seed longevity, together with storage temperature, so as to make decisions regarding aeration, drying, and storage processes with a view toward seed conservation up to the beginning of a new crop season. The book, Seed Physiology of Cultivated Plants, in its second edition, updated and with 30% more content, makes a considerable contribution to all who have selected the area of Seed Science and Technology as a professional activity, whether professors, students, researchers, or professionals in seed production companies. This book was written with practical utilization of physiological knowledge of seeds in mind. The book is composed by 660 pages and covers the following chapters: 01. Introduction 02. The Importance of Seeds 03. Seed Formation 04. Seed Development (Maturation) 05. The Chemistry of Seeds (Stored Reserves) 06. Water Relations in Seeds 07. Seed Dormancy 08. Germination 09. Seed Deterioration 10. Recalcitrant Seeds 11. Seed Priming 12. Vigor and Seed Performance 13. Evaluation of Seed Physiological Potential

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